10-Day Strip The Fat Diet Bonus – EXACTLY how to look 20 lbs lighter in 10 days (free guide)

Curvalicious BonusWant to learn EXACTLY how to look your best in just 10 days?

Want to follow a similar program to what professional bikini models, fitness models and celebrities do to get into their best shape?

Although these physique girls take months dieting down into tip-top shape, there is a list of sneaky variables they manipulate in the final 10 days to make their bodies look 20 pounds lighter.

For the next 2 DAYS, I am giving away these tricks for F.R.E.E when you pick up Curvalicious at $50 OFF!

==> 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet – 2 Days ONLY

How is The 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet so effective?

Essentially, it’s the condensed Cliff’s Notes of what professional bikini-models, fitness models and celebrities do in the final few days before a photoshoot, show or appearance.

The guide teaches you how to manipulate your:

  • calories
  • carbs (this is the big one)
  • fats
  • proteins
  • salt
  • water
  • training

and a few more neat tricks…

==> 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet – 2 Days ONLY

For Full Disclosure…

Keep in mind that you can lose only about 2-3 pounds of bodyfat in 10 days if you’re already exceptionally lean (considerably more if you have more to lose), but on the other hand you can drop PILES of weight, in the form of water (not muscle).

That’s essentially the key to your success on the 10 Day Diet, learning the secrets of the natural fitness models to manipulate your water levels so you (literally) look 20 pounds lighter but your muscles will still be FULL & RIPPED!

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Until now, these secrets were only held by professional physique coaches and competitors & celebrities would have to pay literally over $1,000 to hire a coach to teach them this info.

How Do I Know These Secrets?

As you know, my husband is a Pro Fitness Model, my trainer, Ryan Watson, is a NPC level bodybuilder (and specializes in training girls for shows) and my husband’s coach, Ben Pakulski, just happens to be one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the WORLD. To say I’m on the “inside” is an understatement 🙂

And now MY hookups are YOUR hookups when it comes to manipulating your body and looking your best for that upcoming
cruise, hot date or summer beach vacation.

Will I Be Training 3 Times a Day for 10 Days?


Now, you probably assumed you will be training as hard as possible but that’s the WRONG strategy! In fact, you will only be training 6 of the 10 days and your training will remain the same.

It’s virtually ALL in the diet!

This is an extremely educational resource to enhance your look, and there’s no shame to turning to some of the more sneaky strategies only top physique girls and celebrities know.

(FYI – this does not require the use of any special supplements or diuretics or stimulants. All you need is FOOD and a pen & paper to do a few calculations).

Just decide what day you want to look your best and turn on the 10-day “countdown to the big date” and you’re going to be looking HOT just in time for your big event!

==> $50 Off + The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet Free! <--- 2 Days ONLY

This is a really rare opportunity and this guide will be added to the download page for those that pick up Curvalicious on Tuesday and Wednesday (if you ordered on Monday, you’ll receive it too 🙂 )

Talk soon!



Thanks Flavia for letting us know about your bonus “10-Day Strip The Fat Diet” guide!

Time to get Curvalicious girl! Plenty of time to get your body in shape for the summer!

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