Top Ten Reasons to Buy Curvalicious Workout Today!

Happy Birthday to me (Yoon)… (^_^) But more importantly is your reminder that…

Curvalicious Workout BannersToday is your last opportunity to get access to the only workout program in history that utilizes Targeted MRT Workouts to carve out toned, defined and sexy curves, and to ensure you don’t miss out on the 1/2 off once-a-year discount Flavia’s put together her Top 10 Reasons why it will be a phenomenal decision to join the other 3,114+ who are already on board…

1. You get the complete (gym version & home gym version) 5-day video workout program that targets a different bodypart each workout.You get Luscious Legs, Tummy Tightener, Amazing Arms, Better Back & Strong Shoulders & Bombshell Booty. Targeted muscle work is the key to giving your muscles shape and strength. Flavia goes over the top in video production and while she is doing the exercise, you’ll get her voice commentary explaining every little detail of the movement! It’s VERY instructional and easily worth 10x the tiny price she’s asking… Oh yeah… the program comes with Printable Workout Sheets with pictures so you’ll know EXACTLY what to do when you land in the gym.

2. You’ll also learn about Flavia’s easy and simple Nutrition Guide which includes Curve meals to gain muscle, Control meals to balance out your hormones and manage craving, and Cut meals that you follow before you workout to maximize fat burning! It’s all based science she’s learned from her Masters Level Nutrition Certification.

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

3. You’ll also get Flavia’s “Step-by-Step Abs Diet” which reveals her entire 8-week diet (meal by meal, day by day) as a *FREE* bonus gift. This will never be made available to purchase, it’s a launch exclusive. (Oh yeah, it’s the IDENTICAL diet that just landed her this cover & produced these amazing photos):

Flavia Cover Model Photoshoot

4. LET’S BE HONEST: most female ‘fat loss programs’ are a joke & barely burn 200-300 calories with wimpy style workouts that rely on going for the burn and doing high reps with low weight. Are you kidding me? Science confirms that high rep ‘toning workouts’ are the least effective workouts for fat loss! Flavia’s Targeted MRT Workouts will not only burn more fat during the workout but for 48 hours afterwards so you can reveal killer definition under the fat!

5. Traditional ‘toning programs’ have got it COMPLETELY WRONG with their high rep & low weight workouts that contribute to myogenic muscle tone – the type of tone that is made up of “soft & mushy” stuff like mitochondria, glycogen, capillaries and water. This just makes you bigger, but NOT more defined. What you need is…

Flavia16. Neurogenic Muscle Tone! This is the type of tone that is developed when you challenge your nervous system and lift much heavier weights. Flavia will introduce you to heavier weights with less than 7 reps in a set, the key is preventing muscle loss and gaining muscle while following a fat loss program. This is the secret to bringing out toned, defined & sexy curves!

7. You’ll gain NEW muscle on your body. No muscle = No shape! If you want luscious legs, a tight tummy, strong shoulders, beautiful back & amazing arms — you MUST add a few pounds of muscle to your body. Say goodbye to skinny and soft & say hello to strong & sculpted!

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

Flavia3 8. You’ll never hit a weight loss plateau again! Why? Because science confirms every pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day! Do the math: gain 1 pound of muscle that’s 18,250 extra calories you’ll burn off while watching TV! That’s 5 pounds of fat! Add just three pounds of muscle to your body and you’ll burn an extra 54,750 calories a year or 15 pounds of fat! The “secret” to staying lean is adding muscle to your frame because you improve your “metabolic machinery”.

9. You’ll look AMAZING this summer! Your friends will say “WOW!” Your man won’t be able to keep his eyes (and hands) off you. You’ll be the talk of your gym. You’ll be able to wear anything and I mean ANYTHING you want. You’re going to look & feel your ABSOLUTE best and have the knowledge to keep your body looking AMAZING 365 days a year!

10. Once this launch sale is over, it’s over! The bonuses disappear and the price will be DOUBLE so buy Curvalicious today — I’ve seen the entire program and it’s PHENOMENAL. One of the BEST investments you’ll ever make. I promise! For less than the price for a night out at the movies, you can get access to step-by-step, strategic & scientific approach to toned, defined and sexy curves… Head on over to Flav’s site and grab your copy right now:

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

Let’s make it happen!

Get Curvalicious Today and Be Ready for The Summer! You will look smokin’ HOT girl!

Does Age Make You Gain Weight or is it Just An Excuse You Use?

So does age really matter? Does age have EVERYTHING or NOTHING to do with gaining & losing weight?!

Note: Before the article, just a friendly reminder that today is the LAST DAY to receive a copy of The 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet for *FREE* when you grab a copy of her Curvalicious workout:

==> Last Chance to get The 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet *FREE* <== Now, onto an article that explains why your age has nothing to do with gaining weight. Blame Flavia for burning this excuse for you 🙂 Muscles, Metabolism & Body Composition
By Flavia Del Monte

There are a few things you need to know about muscles, energy, and metabolism:
• Muscles use energy when they contract (they’re highly metabolic).
• The more intense muscle contractions become, the more energy they’ll use to perform the movement.
• Eventually, movements can become so intense that your muscles will use more oxygen than your body can produce. This creates an oxygen deficit that can last for hours after a workout.
• Your body needs more nutrients after an oxygen deficit because it needs to replenish its energy and oxygen levels.
• To build muscle, you need to be taking in more energy than it’s putting out.
• Resistance training and high intensity exercise,s prevent muscle loss by stimulating protein synthesis.
• Metabolic rates fall for three reasons when you fail to take in enough nutrients: thyroid function slows, there is a reduction in muscle mass, and there is a lower thermic effect of eating.

The secret to changing your body composition is making the right lifestyle changes. Simply by adopting a few healthy habits, you can enjoy lean muscle mass, with a lower body-fat percentage.

Keep the habits, and these changes will continue to stay with you as you age, making it possible for you to burn calories and enjoy a beautiful body shape at any age.

This is quite the opposite of what many people believe.

A number of people blame their poor body shape on the natural aging process, but this simple isn’t true. At least, not quite.

Research shows your metabolism declines with each decade over the age of 25. Your muscle mass also declines between the ages of 25 and 65. And since muscles use energy, we can safely assume the two are related — the drop in your metabolism (which makes losing weight seem more and more difficult as we age) is the result of a loss of muscle mass.

The only way to keep your metabolism at it’s highest levels and ready to burn calories is through regular resistance training, eating healthy, wholesome meals frequently and consistent, and customizing your workout routines to avoid muscle adaption. And if you stick to these three steps, your body should stay healthy, fit, and young for years to come. Ensure your female fitness workouts include resistance training so you can look and feel your best.


Think your body could benefit from a few extra pounds of muscle?


Adding just one pound of muscle will help you keep off an extra 26,000 calories a year (one pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day).

No wonder girls with muscle can go away on vacations, eat more than everyone else and barely gain weight! Plus that muscle will give your body SHAPE! Shape to slip into that sexy bikini so you’re ready for your next summer vacation.

No muscle = No shape.

Curvalicious provides a lot of direct muscle work to burn fat, give your body shape, keep your metabolism soaring and prevent the scale from spinning upwards ever again.

Join thousands of ladies today and start building a Curvalicious body!


“It’s never too late to start doing what’s right!”

==> Last Chance to get The 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet *FREE* <== Take care, Yoon

Copy the EXACT diet that got Flavia these SEXY Abs and a Fitness Magazine Cover Model Photoshoot (pics inside)

Flavia Del Monte Fitness Magazine Cover ModelDid you know that our favourite – Flav & I are Canadians, we spell it that way, it’s not a typo or mistake (^_^) – Fitness Sensation Flavia Del Monte landed a cover with Power House Gym International? (And this wasn’t her first time being on the cover of a fitness magazine either.)

If Flavia was in front of you right now you’d probably be asking her things like

“What did you eat? Were you on a diet? How many calories did you have…? Can you send me a list of what you ate? I’d love it if you could send me your dieting secrets.”

Well, you can actually find out EXACTLY what she did leading up to the fitness magazine cover model photoshoot!

Guess what she did?

She RECORDED every single day, every single meal for an entire 8 WEEKS. I mean, like, who even does that?!

Flavilicious does and it’s because she’s committed to putting together the most important piece of a Curvalicious body — the nutrition!

Simply pick up a copy of Curvalicious today and you’ll find her step- by-step Abs Diet waiting for you in the members section!

==> Get 1/2 Off Curvalicious & Get The Step-by-Step Abs Diet *FREE* <== Here's what you'll learn when you get your copy: 1. You get to see EXACTLY how many calories she takes, how she manipulated them, and in what increments she dropped them. 2. You get to see her EXACT macros and how she manipulated her carbs, proteins and fats as the weeks rolled along. 3. You'll find one surprising food you MUST eliminate after a few weeks to keep losing fat (it's not fruit!) 4. You'll see the the second surprising food you MUST eliminate in the final few weeks to hit your goal (again, it's NOT fruit). 5. You'll see her EXACT cardio regime and how she gradually added more minutes and more days in a step-by-step fashion. In short, this diet is INCREDIBLE. Very well put together, lots of motivating pictures and easy to follow. Flavia really knows her stuff (it helps when you have a Masters level nutrition certification).

==> Get 1/2 Off Curvalicious & Get The Photo Shoot Diet *FREE* <== Get it before it's gone! Now imagine what it will be like for you to have some SEXY abs... AND be asked to be on the cover of a fitness magazine? Looking like you're a fitness model ain't so bad either... (^_^) -Yoon P.S. How do you like this Fitness Model photo of Flavia...? The Photo Shoot Diet

10-Day Strip The Fat Diet Bonus – EXACTLY how to look 20 lbs lighter in 10 days (free guide)

Curvalicious BonusWant to learn EXACTLY how to look your best in just 10 days?

Want to follow a similar program to what professional bikini models, fitness models and celebrities do to get into their best shape?

Although these physique girls take months dieting down into tip-top shape, there is a list of sneaky variables they manipulate in the final 10 days to make their bodies look 20 pounds lighter.

For the next 2 DAYS, I am giving away these tricks for F.R.E.E when you pick up Curvalicious at $50 OFF!

==> 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet – 2 Days ONLY

How is The 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet so effective?

Essentially, it’s the condensed Cliff’s Notes of what professional bikini-models, fitness models and celebrities do in the final few days before a photoshoot, show or appearance.

The guide teaches you how to manipulate your:

  • calories
  • carbs (this is the big one)
  • fats
  • proteins
  • salt
  • water
  • training

and a few more neat tricks…

==> 10-Day Strip The Fat Diet – 2 Days ONLY

For Full Disclosure…

Keep in mind that you can lose only about 2-3 pounds of bodyfat in 10 days if you’re already exceptionally lean (considerably more if you have more to lose), but on the other hand you can drop PILES of weight, in the form of water (not muscle).

That’s essentially the key to your success on the 10 Day Diet, learning the secrets of the natural fitness models to manipulate your water levels so you (literally) look 20 pounds lighter but your muscles will still be FULL & RIPPED!

Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Until now, these secrets were only held by professional physique coaches and competitors & celebrities would have to pay literally over $1,000 to hire a coach to teach them this info.

How Do I Know These Secrets?

As you know, my husband is a Pro Fitness Model, my trainer, Ryan Watson, is a NPC level bodybuilder (and specializes in training girls for shows) and my husband’s coach, Ben Pakulski, just happens to be one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the WORLD. To say I’m on the “inside” is an understatement 🙂

And now MY hookups are YOUR hookups when it comes to manipulating your body and looking your best for that upcoming
cruise, hot date or summer beach vacation.

Will I Be Training 3 Times a Day for 10 Days?


Now, you probably assumed you will be training as hard as possible but that’s the WRONG strategy! In fact, you will only be training 6 of the 10 days and your training will remain the same.

It’s virtually ALL in the diet!

This is an extremely educational resource to enhance your look, and there’s no shame to turning to some of the more sneaky strategies only top physique girls and celebrities know.

(FYI – this does not require the use of any special supplements or diuretics or stimulants. All you need is FOOD and a pen & paper to do a few calculations).

Just decide what day you want to look your best and turn on the 10-day “countdown to the big date” and you’re going to be looking HOT just in time for your big event!

==> $50 Off + The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet Free! <--- 2 Days ONLY

This is a really rare opportunity and this guide will be added to the download page for those that pick up Curvalicious on Tuesday and Wednesday (if you ordered on Monday, you’ll receive it too 🙂 )

Talk soon!



Thanks Flavia for letting us know about your bonus “10-Day Strip The Fat Diet” guide!

Time to get Curvalicious girl! Plenty of time to get your body in shape for the summer!

New Curvalicious Workout Members Area & Curvalicious 5-Day $50 Off Discount!

Just received this email from Flavia about the NEW Members Area for Curvalicious Workout AND to celebrate she’s also giving you a Curvalicious 5 Days $50 Off Discount (March 11-15 if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet)! -Yoon

Curvalicious Workout

Okay ladies, I just opened the doors on my brand new members area for anyone who picks up the Curvalicious Body Sculpting System and to celebrate it’s opening, I’ve provided a special link for you to secure a copy for $50 OFF!

==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <---- your $50 off discount The 5-day Curvalicious program utilizes Targeted MRT Workouts to BLAST fat off, while preserving & gaining muscle for toned, defined and sexy curves. Your new muscle will never, ever allow your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau! ==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <---- your $50 off discount There's also a $300 FAST ACTION bonus waiting for every single person who picks up a copy today (and today only). If you don't have time for inefficient, time-wasting workouts; sick & tried of gimmicks, fads & miracle pills; or unhappy withthe results of your current workout then take a moment to take a look at the first program in history that teaches you how to develop both types of muscle tone: ==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <---- your $50 off discount Through my past research and experience, I've finally found a strategy that MELTS the fat off your body, while tightening and strengthening your muscles. NO MORE selling yourself short for the lie that you can't have a sexy, lean body because you have bad genetics. Sure, some genes are more forgiving than others but with the RIGHT approach you CAN transform your body! Don't let anyone else tell you other-wise. Prove them wrong by changing your body the RIGHT way! All the details of my ENTIRE step-by-step system are outline here: ==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <---- your $50 off discount Lets get the week started right! Flavia Del Monte P.S. Yes, the program includes a Nutrition Manual & everything you need to know diet wise to get toned, defined & sexy curves. ==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <---- your $50 off discount If you are already a member, you have instant access to the members forum using your username and password. Here is a sneak peak of what you will find inside: New Curvalicious Workout Members Area


What better way to help you on building your curves than to be a part of a group of women on their Curvalicious journey learning, doing, struggling, sharing, motivating and succeeding together! Time to lose that unsightly fat & gain muscles and tighten up those sexy curves…

Get Curvalicious Girl! (^_^)

Ladies! The TRUTH about ‘toning’ (99% of the info is DEAD WRONG)

Note: If you’re a women then you’re going to want to read each and every word of this post…

If you’re interested in learning how to get tight and toned, and FINALLY burn off that stubborn fat so you can wear anything, and I mean ANYTHING with confidence, then I have some shocking news for you.

Literally 99.9% of the info you’ve read on ‘toning’ is DEAD WRONG!

Think toning is ‘firming up the muscle’? Nope! Muscle is already firm! There is no such thing as a flabby muscle, only flabby fat.

Think toning happens from high reps and light weights and going for the burn? Nope! That’s so wrong that science has even confirmed high rep ‘toning workouts’ for women don’t burn sufficient calories to burn fat.

Think toning happens when you just lose the fat? Nope! Again, TOTALLY wrong!

And to make matters worse, most “fitness experts” and the media perpetuate these myths.

You see, “toning” as people call it, should be the easiest goal to accomplish, but due to all the misconceptions about it, most females just spin their wheels and think that exercise doesn’t work for them.

Toning is actually a two step process: First you need to add minimal amounts of calorie-burning muscle to give your body SHAPE & CURVES & ensure your metabolism never ever slows; and the second part is STRIPPING the fat to reveal the SEXY definition so you look strong and sculpted, not skinny and soft (as most wimpy fat loss programs leave you).

Fortunately, I have a great friend who’s been a Registered Nurse for 9-years, a certified trainer, and nutritionist who has created a PHENOMENAL workout and nutrition program, Curvalicious. Curvalicious is a step-by-step guide to helping women simultaneously melt fat off while tightening and sculpting your muscles, using scientific methods that WORK.

You can get all the details here:

==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== Now, a little heads up before you make your way on over to her page: 1. Until Friday at midnight, Flavia's program is on sale for 1/2 off. After Friday the price will go up. 2. On this page she includes an AWESOME article called, "5 Toning Myths You Must STOP Believing..." and whether you're interested in grabbing a copy or not, this info is worth visiting. 3. Right below the headline you can watch a short video trailer of Flavia's workouts so you can see WHY she looks the way she looks. It's VERY inspiring ladies (and I'm sure the fellas will enjoy it too!) You'll also learn about the TWO types of muscle tone you've NEVER heard of and the exact steps to develop BOTH: ==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== She'll also tell you about her "Targeted Metabolic Workouts" that specialize in making you sexy and sculpted, not skinny and soft. So, if you don't have time for inefficient, time-wasting workouts and want a workout that BLASTS fat off, while preserving muscles for a nice toned look and never, ever allowing your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau, you're going to want to check out her very special strategy right now: And when you order today, you'll be invited to a private 90-minute VIP Coaching Call with Flavia. That's a FREE bonus for anyone who picks up Curvalicious today, so head on over to her site right now before you miss out. ==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== Time to get toned... and curvy! -Yoon

It’s Official! They’re having a baby! Congrats Flavia and Vince!


Flavia & Vince Del Monte are 4 months pregnant today! CONGRATS to my fave fitness couple & fellow Canucks!

I’ll update this post once I know where they’re registered for the baby shower… talk about exciting news!

Oh yeah, a few extra updates:

-Flavia’s having a sale for Curvalicious Workout next week!
-The Members ONLY has been created and will be ready for you starting next week!
-And yes, you can now own your very own tank tops from Flavilicious Clothing!

Hurray for babies!

P.S. I’m extra excited because my older sister is having her baby girl this year and Flavia’s baby will be born in August which is my little sister’s birthday month! w00t! (^_^)

P.P.S. What better way to celebrate Flavia’s growing baby bump than to grab your access to Curvalicious Workout! (Make sure to wait until next week for the discount!)

Curvalicious Workout Q and A with Flavia Del Monte

So maybe you had a few question about Flavia’s Curvalicious Workout…?

Here’s a Q and A from Flavia Del Monte answering some questions you may have about her newest body sculpting system for women…

Q: What exactly is CURVALICIOUS and why is it so effective?

CURVALICIOUS is a 5-day workout program consisting of
intelligently designed 40-minute metabolic fat loss workouts
while targeting a different bodypart each workout. It relies on a
variety of rep ranges (including lower reps with heavier weights)
to enhance your neurogenic muscle tone – the only type of tone
that gives your muscles beautiful definition!

Since every workout targets a different bodypart you’ll apply
sufficient stimulus to add a few pounds of calorie-burning muscle
while losing fat at the same time! This new muscle is YOUR MOST
IMPORTANT WEAPON to keeping the fat off in the future and giving
your body SHAPE! No muscle = no shape! It’s that simple.

By the end of the week you’ve hit all your major muscle groups
five times with multiple angles, new exercises and varied rep
ranges to stimulate all the muscle fibers that contribute to a
bombshell butt, luscious legs, amazing arms, tight tummy, strong
shoulders and better back!

Every single detail is based on strategy and science and a
female’s body structure. Each workout was carefully designed to
1) maximize metabolism so you can strip off the fat and reveal
your muscle definition underneath 2) target the specific muscles
that give your body an hourglass figure 3) add minimal amounts of
muscle to keep the fat off forever. Each workout is progressive
and stimulating!

Bottom line, when you learn how to progress intensity to a
reasonably higher level, with the best exercises, with the right
volume and right intensity, the synergistic results are mind
blowing. CURVALICIOUS is all about developing a body that is
perfect in your own eyes.

Q: How is it different from FULL BODY LICIOUS?

The three key differences:
1) Completely new exercises!
2) New rep ranges to stimulate all the muscle fiber types
3) TARGETED MRT workouts instead of full body workouts. So
you’ll be doing A LOT more DIRECT MUSCLE work to actually
shape your muscles & really increase your strength.

Essentially, FBL was dedicated to purely fat loss and CURV is
dedicatd to losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time!

Q: How long should I follow the CURVALICIOUS workouts?

It’s up to you. I follow the 5-day program on a Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday schedule. I take Thursdays and
Sundays completely and let my body recover. I recommend you give
the program a full twelve weeks to see the best results and no
less than six weeks. Your body starts to adapt to a new training
stimulus approximately every 6 weeks so 6 weeks would be the
bare minimum.

Q: How fast should I see results?

I have no idea but I’m confident you’ll see results faster than
you have in the past! Most ladies drop anywhere from 1-2% of
their body fat each week and continue to do so for at least 3-4
months before they need to change things up. If you’ve never
worked with lower reps and heavier weights than expect to see
your fastest results yet. Just adding 1-2 pounds of lean muscle
will dramatically make your body look better and increase your
daily metabolic rate to keep fat off.

Q: Can I follow CURVALICIOUS at home or do I need to train in a
fancy gym?

Absolutely! I include a “At Home Version” that you can print off
and follow in the comfort of your own home. I would never make a
fitness program that was subject to a gym that required fancy gym
equipment. We’ll build our bodies with good old-fashioned
resistance that includes everything from benches, dumbbells,
barbells, stability balls, bands and our own bodyweight.
Everything is fresh, stimulating and challenging.

Q: What if I don’t recognize an exercise?

The entire workout program is VIDEO based so you get to watch me
demonstrate every single exercise for multiple reps and I even
include step-by-step instructions on how to perfect every
exercise so you don’t hurt yourself. It’s like getting your own
Personal Trainer for a fraction of the cost!

Q: I want to start losing fat now; will I have to wait for you to
ship me all this information before I can get started?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you
via download after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting
for results! Everything can be downloaded to your computer once
your order is processed successfully.

Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s will this program still work for
someone considerably older?

Yes and we know that because we’ve already had plenty of people
in their 50’s and 60’s experience massive success while using the
FULL BODY LICIOUS program. The program is crafted for any female
of any age and any training background who is committed to making
the most of their fitness and health.

Q: Is this program okay for a complete beginner?

While I will say that the program is not “easy” in nature, you
can modify any exercise, volume or intensity to adjust to your
starting level. The training guide explains how to scale up the
intensity in a step-by-step fashion.

Q: Can males follow this workout?

Definitely. In fact, I bet it’ll make a lot of men gasp for air
and make them burn. The program does not discriminate based on
age, gender, or any other factor. The program is no walk in the
park and lives up to my motto of, “You don’t get a body like mine
training like a girl!”

It works across the board. I obviously had my husband Vince
examine the workouts and he was extremely impressed with the
science-based and strategic program design I utilized.

Q: What if I don’t see the results I want?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the CURVALCIOUS 5-day program exactly
as outlined in the ONLINE VIDEOS, and do NOT lose more fat in the
next 60 days than you ever have previously, just contact my
customer support team and we’ll refund every last penny. I’m not
out to screw anyone over and I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing
you invested in my program and didn’t see results, so I’ll make things
right and refund you – no questions asked.

As you can see, the pressure is completely on me to deliver you
the results you deserve – all you need to do is give the
program an honest shot and it’ll work for you.


So there you have it! Did Flavia answer your question(s) above? Then go ahead and grab your 50% discount here: “I’m Ready to Get Curvalicious Baby!”

Take care,

Congrats to The Five Winners of The Curvalicious Workout Giveaway Contest

Congrats to The Five Winners of The Curvalicious Workout Giveaway Contest:

*Claudia F.
*Trudy H.
*Jenn M
*Rachel J.

Flavia sent out an email announcing the above winners… CONGRATS ladies! Get Curvalicious! (^_^)



P.S. Curvalicious Workout is now LIVE! Grab your 50 % Discount and Bonuses now! <== Just click on this link yo!