Flavia Del Monte First Trimester Pregnancy Workouts

Hiya! Yoon here…

Remember to consult with your doctor before doing any physical activities!

My older sister is having a girl June 7. Her baby bump is definitely growing and she’s definitely glowing! She’s also been doing her pilates so she’s actually still quite slim! The only way for anyone to know she was pregnant is by seeing her belly (and how much she eats probably LOL… shhh! Don’t ever tell my sister I wrote that publicly!) so pilates is pretty good for keeping fit during pregnancy.

Now what about weight training for pregnant women? This is where we look to Flavia Del Monte for her expert advice. She knows weight training and she’s pregnant too… w00t!

Happy First Trimester Flavia (& Vince)! (well, they’re actually 19 weeks pregnant now so well into the 2nd trimester…. another w00t! goes here.)

Some things to think about before doing your first trimester exercises:
1. Monitor your heart rate
2. Drink water and don’t do high intensity workouts, don’t be trying to sweat.
3. Don’t lift really heavy weights
4. Not a good idea to be jumping around.
5. If it doesn’t feel right. DON’T Do It
6. Never start anything new. If you didn’t workout before, it’s not a great idea to start now. Walking outdoors is something you can do that’s healthy for you and the baby.
7. Don’t forget to eat (^_^)

Now here’s Flavia’s 1st Trimester Workout consisting of 3 Circuits of 9 exercises total: Do each exercise 8-10 times with 40-60 seconds rest in-between each exercise.

EX: So for Circuit 1 you would do 10 squats, rest 1 minute, do 10 step-ups on the left leg, [rest here if you need to] rest, and then 10 on the right, rest, do 10 lunges on the left leg, [rest if you need to] , 10 right leg lunges, rest, left side leg raise x 10, rest, 10 leg raises on the right, rest. And then repeat the entire circuit again. And then the 3rd time. (Don’t forget to drink your water, change how many reps you do and take as much of a break as needed in between sets)

Circuit 1
Lunge – avoid going super low, protect your SI (sacroiliac) Joint)
Side Leg Raise

Circuit 2
Hamstring Curl
Lying Ball Curl
Glute Bridge

Super Set Combo
Seated Calf Raise
Fire Hydrants

In case you’re wondering about cardio… you can use an elliptical trainer on the days you aren’t doing the above workout. Flavia would do 2 first trimester workout days and 2 cardio days per week. (For example: Monday – First Trimester Workout, Tuesday – First Trimester Cardio, Wednesday – First Trimester Workout Day, Thursday – First Trimester Cardio).

(Curvalicious Workout is PERFECT for after pregnancy weight loss!)

Take care,

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