Time to Meet Flavia’s Husband and Baby’s Daddy…

Drum roll please… introducing… Vince Del Monte (formerly known as Skinny Vinny)!

Vincent Del Monte Before and AfterVince has helped a lot of guys get buff. As many of you know it’s really hard for skinny guys to pack on the muscle… and get the girl too. He’s done both! (High-five bro!)

Vince is also doing something that pretty much NO ONE else is doing… he’s letting YOU into his world and follow him around while he’s living his fitness lifestyle. Can we say reality tv? But “reality tv” that’s actually good for you! You don’t have to worry about losing brain cells and losing IQ points while watching soon-to-be-daddy Vincent Del Monte… speaking of which, he’s talking about supplements to take while being a dad on his newest episode of LiveLargeTV.com

Live Large TV with Vince Del Monte and Flavia Del Monte

Live Large!

P.S. He’s not a guido like you see on Jersey Shore… (^_^)