Copy the EXACT diet that got Flavia these SEXY Abs and a Fitness Magazine Cover Model Photoshoot (pics inside)

Flavia Del Monte Fitness Magazine Cover ModelDid you know that our favourite – Flav & I are Canadians, we spell it that way, it’s not a typo or mistake (^_^) – Fitness Sensation Flavia Del Monte landed a cover with Power House Gym International? (And this wasn’t her first time being on the cover of a fitness magazine either.)

If Flavia was in front of you right now you’d probably be asking her things like

“What did you eat? Were you on a diet? How many calories did you have…? Can you send me a list of what you ate? I’d love it if you could send me your dieting secrets.”

Well, you can actually find out EXACTLY what she did leading up to the fitness magazine cover model photoshoot!

Guess what she did?

She RECORDED every single day, every single meal for an entire 8 WEEKS. I mean, like, who even does that?!

Flavilicious does and it’s because she’s committed to putting together the most important piece of a Curvalicious body — the nutrition!

Simply pick up a copy of Curvalicious today and you’ll find her step- by-step Abs Diet waiting for you in the members section!

==> Get 1/2 Off Curvalicious & Get The Step-by-Step Abs Diet *FREE* <== Here's what you'll learn when you get your copy: 1. You get to see EXACTLY how many calories she takes, how she manipulated them, and in what increments she dropped them. 2. You get to see her EXACT macros and how she manipulated her carbs, proteins and fats as the weeks rolled along. 3. You'll find one surprising food you MUST eliminate after a few weeks to keep losing fat (it's not fruit!) 4. You'll see the the second surprising food you MUST eliminate in the final few weeks to hit your goal (again, it's NOT fruit). 5. You'll see her EXACT cardio regime and how she gradually added more minutes and more days in a step-by-step fashion. In short, this diet is INCREDIBLE. Very well put together, lots of motivating pictures and easy to follow. Flavia really knows her stuff (it helps when you have a Masters level nutrition certification).

==> Get 1/2 Off Curvalicious & Get The Photo Shoot Diet *FREE* <== Get it before it's gone! Now imagine what it will be like for you to have some SEXY abs... AND be asked to be on the cover of a fitness magazine? Looking like you're a fitness model ain't so bad either... (^_^) -Yoon P.S. How do you like this Fitness Model photo of Flavia...? The Photo Shoot Diet

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