It’s Official! They’re having a baby! Congrats Flavia and Vince!


Flavia & Vince Del Monte are 4 months pregnant today! CONGRATS to my fave fitness couple & fellow Canucks!

I’ll update this post once I know where they’re registered for the baby shower… talk about exciting news!

Oh yeah, a few extra updates:

-Flavia’s having a sale for Curvalicious Workout next week!
-The Members ONLY has been created and will be ready for you starting next week!
-And yes, you can now own your very own tank tops from Flavilicious Clothing!

Hurray for babies!

P.S. I’m extra excited because my older sister is having her baby girl this year and Flavia’s baby will be born in August which is my little sister’s birthday month! w00t! (^_^)

P.P.S. What better way to celebrate Flavia’s growing baby bump than to grab your access to Curvalicious Workout! (Make sure to wait until next week for the discount!)

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