Ladies! The TRUTH about ‘toning’ (99% of the info is DEAD WRONG)

Note: If you’re a women then you’re going to want to read each and every word of this post…

If you’re interested in learning how to get tight and toned, and FINALLY burn off that stubborn fat so you can wear anything, and I mean ANYTHING with confidence, then I have some shocking news for you.

Literally 99.9% of the info you’ve read on ‘toning’ is DEAD WRONG!

Think toning is ‘firming up the muscle’? Nope! Muscle is already firm! There is no such thing as a flabby muscle, only flabby fat.

Think toning happens from high reps and light weights and going for the burn? Nope! That’s so wrong that science has even confirmed high rep ‘toning workouts’ for women don’t burn sufficient calories to burn fat.

Think toning happens when you just lose the fat? Nope! Again, TOTALLY wrong!

And to make matters worse, most “fitness experts” and the media perpetuate these myths.

You see, “toning” as people call it, should be the easiest goal to accomplish, but due to all the misconceptions about it, most females just spin their wheels and think that exercise doesn’t work for them.

Toning is actually a two step process: First you need to add minimal amounts of calorie-burning muscle to give your body SHAPE & CURVES & ensure your metabolism never ever slows; and the second part is STRIPPING the fat to reveal the SEXY definition so you look strong and sculpted, not skinny and soft (as most wimpy fat loss programs leave you).

Fortunately, I have a great friend who’s been a Registered Nurse for 9-years, a certified trainer, and nutritionist who has created a PHENOMENAL workout and nutrition program, Curvalicious. Curvalicious is a step-by-step guide to helping women simultaneously melt fat off while tightening and sculpting your muscles, using scientific methods that WORK.

You can get all the details here:

==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== Now, a little heads up before you make your way on over to her page: 1. Until Friday at midnight, Flavia's program is on sale for 1/2 off. After Friday the price will go up. 2. On this page she includes an AWESOME article called, "5 Toning Myths You Must STOP Believing..." and whether you're interested in grabbing a copy or not, this info is worth visiting. 3. Right below the headline you can watch a short video trailer of Flavia's workouts so you can see WHY she looks the way she looks. It's VERY inspiring ladies (and I'm sure the fellas will enjoy it too!) You'll also learn about the TWO types of muscle tone you've NEVER heard of and the exact steps to develop BOTH: ==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== She'll also tell you about her "Targeted Metabolic Workouts" that specialize in making you sexy and sculpted, not skinny and soft. So, if you don't have time for inefficient, time-wasting workouts and want a workout that BLASTS fat off, while preserving muscles for a nice toned look and never, ever allowing your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau, you're going to want to check out her very special strategy right now: And when you order today, you'll be invited to a private 90-minute VIP Coaching Call with Flavia. That's a FREE bonus for anyone who picks up Curvalicious today, so head on over to her site right now before you miss out. ==> Curvalicious Workout Body Sculpting System <== Time to get toned... and curvy! -Yoon

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