Top Ten Reasons to Buy Curvalicious Workout Today!

Happy Birthday to me (Yoon)… (^_^) But more importantly is your reminder that…

Curvalicious Workout BannersToday is your last opportunity to get access to the only workout program in history that utilizes Targeted MRT Workouts to carve out toned, defined and sexy curves, and to ensure you don’t miss out on the 1/2 off once-a-year discount Flavia’s put together her Top 10 Reasons why it will be a phenomenal decision to join the other 3,114+ who are already on board…

1. You get the complete (gym version & home gym version) 5-day video workout program that targets a different bodypart each workout.You get Luscious Legs, Tummy Tightener, Amazing Arms, Better Back & Strong Shoulders & Bombshell Booty. Targeted muscle work is the key to giving your muscles shape and strength. Flavia goes over the top in video production and while she is doing the exercise, you’ll get her voice commentary explaining every little detail of the movement! It’s VERY instructional and easily worth 10x the tiny price she’s asking… Oh yeah… the program comes with Printable Workout Sheets with pictures so you’ll know EXACTLY what to do when you land in the gym.

2. You’ll also learn about Flavia’s easy and simple Nutrition Guide which includes Curve meals to gain muscle, Control meals to balance out your hormones and manage craving, and Cut meals that you follow before you workout to maximize fat burning! It’s all based science she’s learned from her Masters Level Nutrition Certification.

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

3. You’ll also get Flavia’s “Step-by-Step Abs Diet” which reveals her entire 8-week diet (meal by meal, day by day) as a *FREE* bonus gift. This will never be made available to purchase, it’s a launch exclusive. (Oh yeah, it’s the IDENTICAL diet that just landed her this cover & produced these amazing photos):

Flavia Cover Model Photoshoot

4. LET’S BE HONEST: most female ‘fat loss programs’ are a joke & barely burn 200-300 calories with wimpy style workouts that rely on going for the burn and doing high reps with low weight. Are you kidding me? Science confirms that high rep ‘toning workouts’ are the least effective workouts for fat loss! Flavia’s Targeted MRT Workouts will not only burn more fat during the workout but for 48 hours afterwards so you can reveal killer definition under the fat!

5. Traditional ‘toning programs’ have got it COMPLETELY WRONG with their high rep & low weight workouts that contribute to myogenic muscle tone – the type of tone that is made up of “soft & mushy” stuff like mitochondria, glycogen, capillaries and water. This just makes you bigger, but NOT more defined. What you need is…

Flavia16. Neurogenic Muscle Tone! This is the type of tone that is developed when you challenge your nervous system and lift much heavier weights. Flavia will introduce you to heavier weights with less than 7 reps in a set, the key is preventing muscle loss and gaining muscle while following a fat loss program. This is the secret to bringing out toned, defined & sexy curves!

7. You’ll gain NEW muscle on your body. No muscle = No shape! If you want luscious legs, a tight tummy, strong shoulders, beautiful back & amazing arms — you MUST add a few pounds of muscle to your body. Say goodbye to skinny and soft & say hello to strong & sculpted!

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

Flavia3 8. You’ll never hit a weight loss plateau again! Why? Because science confirms every pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day! Do the math: gain 1 pound of muscle that’s 18,250 extra calories you’ll burn off while watching TV! That’s 5 pounds of fat! Add just three pounds of muscle to your body and you’ll burn an extra 54,750 calories a year or 15 pounds of fat! The “secret” to staying lean is adding muscle to your frame because you improve your “metabolic machinery”.

9. You’ll look AMAZING this summer! Your friends will say “WOW!” Your man won’t be able to keep his eyes (and hands) off you. You’ll be the talk of your gym. You’ll be able to wear anything and I mean ANYTHING you want. You’re going to look & feel your ABSOLUTE best and have the knowledge to keep your body looking AMAZING 365 days a year!

10. Once this launch sale is over, it’s over! The bonuses disappear and the price will be DOUBLE so buy Curvalicious today — I’ve seen the entire program and it’s PHENOMENAL. One of the BEST investments you’ll ever make. I promise! For less than the price for a night out at the movies, you can get access to step-by-step, strategic & scientific approach to toned, defined and sexy curves… Head on over to Flav’s site and grab your copy right now:

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

Let’s make it happen!

Get Curvalicious Today and Be Ready for The Summer! You will look smokin’ HOT girl!

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